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OTC 2017, Fun and games!

I always look forward to the Ontario team championship run by my partner in crime, Scott. It’s a great format and lots of fun where you meet a ton of people and play lots of games. It has all the feeling of a convention but only requires a one day commitment!

Dave “Chewie” Gauthier is the embodiment of pro!

The team I played on this year was a mixed bag of good friends who all enjoy playing the game but aren’t necessarily the most competitive, which was great as it was relaxed and full of joking and beer!

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4 and OH- How blind luck, complicated rules and broken AF models can help you (almost) win tournaments

DERP bird know that DERP is the word

I played a couple tournaments in the past few weeks and managed to achieve the vaunted 4-0 at both, winning one and coming in second at the other. Now we all like to think that we have moments of brilliance or that games are carefully orchestrated ballets of precision and genius, but frequently I find they are messy, complicated blunder fests of luck. Does that mean I’m a sloppy, dumb assed player who plays sloppy dumb assed players? No, I don’t think so. I try very hard to play a good tight game, but Warmachine is a complicated game that we play under strict time constraints and shit gets weird. Continue reading 4 and OH- How blind luck, complicated rules and broken AF models can help you (almost) win tournaments

The Bird is the Word

I sometimes get stupid ideas into my head and when our gaming group decided we’d go to our local store early on a holiday I decided I was going to buy and paint a storm raptor in like 2 days. I bought it on Monday at 430 pm, got home and assembled and painted it by wed morning! We headed out at noon and I played 5 games with the storm raptor; 4 with krueger 1 and 1 with kromac 2. Here’s my experience and lists.

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