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The Expendables: Infantry and jamming

In warmachine table presence is important, it stops you losing on scenario and it also complicates your opponents capacity to get to your key pieces while threatening his key pieces with yours.

An important component of table presence are expendable models. Now, not all casters, lists and factions bring a lot of expendable models. A faction like Legion relies almost exclusively on its ability to project staggering threat range while being capable of removing enemy pieces at range to deliver beasts to key pieces in the opponents army. For the purposes of this article I will ignore armies that function like that and single models designed to force opponents to over commit to their destruction. In this article we’ll be focusing on the poor dudes who’s only reward for a job well done is a shallow grave:


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To Tier or Not to Tier: Forcewall



Retribution is very much a combined arms faction. This is evident in the design of its war jacks as each has both ranged and melee capabilities along with some other unique special features. Frankly, I think they’re really cool and I find myself wanting more of them in my lists these days. Unfortunately these awesome abilities don’t come for free and many take our casters limited focus to use. I stay positive though hoping for the day when I could use jacks like the Manitcore and Hydra to their full effect and not leave my caster stripped of focus.

Enter Kaelyssa and her No Quarter 54 theme list.

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To Tier or Not to Tier: Guardians at the Gate



eVyros tier_pic1
The irony of them eating an elf…

Epic Vyros is one of the current staples of  competitive play for the Retribution of Scyrah. Affectionately referred to as Griffon Spam or the ‘Murder of Griffons’ the list brought something different to the faction besides the ranged heavy/dude spam lists. It offers a decent armor skew with a ton of damage boxes giving the army some resilience.

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Asymmetrical Attack- What to do in a Bad match Up-Part 3

The Denied Flank, Echelon and other confusing words!

I have no idea what this diagram is supposed to mean but it came up when I did a “denied flank” image search!

Okay I lied, not doing scenario and terrain this time out. I wanted to instead  cover a thought process that was the inspiration for this series. The idea is quite common in most wargames but is normally not a good idea in warmachine due to the nature of scenarios:

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Asymmetrical Attack- trying to even the odds in a bad match up- PART 1


Not every match you play with your favorite warmachine army will be a good match up. Sometimes your opponent will have tools at his disposal that will limit or outright deny your armies tech or strengths. You might have an armour skew list while your opponent has extreme damage output or you might be relying on high def when your opponent has no problem hitting DEF 17+.

In all cases these are bad match ups and if you are going to survive a bad match up you can’t rely on your standard operating procedures to get through to the win. What you need is ASYMMETRICAL ATTACK!

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