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Week before Captaincon….buys a sh!t ton of models.

Do you have that friend?  You know that friend a week before a con goes out and buys a shit ton of models….that he now has to assemble and paint.  Because you know he doesn’t want to be a “pleb”?  I think thats the term Greg used.  Slow clap Fabio.  Slow Clap.

Who is going to be at Captaincon!?

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Recently Malorian made a new years resolution to Play Painted. I personally have been playing painted for years now, but his decision to commit to playing painted inspired me to write this article about the subject.

Channel that anger! Right into your painting.

Warmachine is a game that is strong enough in it’s design and compelling enough in its interactions that it draws in players from competitive meta’s that don’t necessarily have a basis in the painting and hobby aspect of the game. Likewise some people who play the game find themselves with little time to paint with the general pressures of life, and it can be difficult for them to find the motivation to paint their models.

I certainly don’t have any magic solutions to find people the time or motivation to paint their models, but I’m going to try! The benefits and sense of personal accomplishment are well worth the effort!

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Beast 09 Conversion

After making my Extreme Ruin, every time I looked at Beast 09 it made me sad.  He was just so tiny.  I have an unassembled Destroyer just laying around and I have been toying around with the idea of making him Beast 09.  Problems with this idea.  I would have to sculpt ice on the axe myself since Spud said no.  Spud is the guy who made my Agonizer Jr for my Cygnar.  I figured that he could pound to out the axe effortlessly.  But Spud said NO.  It didn’t interest him and was far to easy.  He wanted to push me to do it.  But I barely paint….sculpting is beyond my skills and comfort zone.  The Destroyer would also require a left arm.  Which thankfully can be ordered from the PP online store.  For only $15 and $15 for shipping I could be the proud owner of an Extreme left arm.  Its tempting but no.  I have all the left over bits from Ruin just laying there as well.  And Ruin is substantially bigger then Beast 09.  So thats what I went with.

It begins!
It begins!

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Denegrah the Soul Weaver- And her custom base.

After the amazing work I had done on my Kraken’s base I decided Denny needed some kind of love for her base too.   We bounced some ideas back and forth and came up with this.

Just have to finish Denny now.  Ian magnetized the wings but I am torn if I should just glue them in so I don’t always have to fiddle trying to get them in.

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Roger the Gobstrocity

I saw these making the rounds and had to share with everyone.  This is Will Richardson’s creation.  And it is awesome.

Little piece of Green Stuff equals a new ear for a monstrosity.

The ear.
The ear.

The before.



Man a rabbit one might be a good idea too!


The gory back detail.
The gory back detail.

And here is the finished piece!  Bad ass.  Great job Will!  Make me one!?

Finished Gobstrocity! ROGER!
Finished Gobstrocity! ROGER!

If you have any questions for Will leave them in the comments!

The Swan Dive – All the Colours of the Rainbow

All right, I am currently sat staring at blank word document trying to figure out what to write in my second article, or more matter of factly how to write this second article. I’ve not managed to get a game in this week, and I’ve not really written a painting article before, but hey let’s give it a shot.

So, in truth I’ve not managed to get any actual painting down this week, but thankfully I’ve finished a couple of test models, which I’m going to show you, and I’ve gotten a good start on one of the units, something which has always been a problem for me to tackle.

First up, is the Stormblade Captain. Well, I’ll tell you this guy’s stock has shot up in the last few months that I’ve been on hiatus, which is nice because the model is far superior to the current plastic Stormblades, which I have to tell you are miserable models. Yuck. I hate to say it but I kind of want the metal ones back. 


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