Alright so over the past couple weeks we have been posting each faction on our Facebook page asking you the player to tell us who you feel are the worst of the worst Warcasters/Warlocks in each faction.  With this information we will host a tournament where you can ONLY play one of the casters that were picked to be the worst.  We have done it before and it was a blast.  Lots of laughs.  And guess what…. the results are in!


Sturgis 25% of the votes

Constance 20% of the votes

Jakes 12% of the votes

Darius 11% of the votes

I’m not surprised Sturgis is at the bottom.  I’ve only seen him on the table once….in MK2.  I got an Earthborn on him and ate him. 🙂


Butcher 2 25% of the votes

Old Witch 1 17% of the votes

Sorsha 2 16% of the votes

Vlad 3 13% of the votes

Khador is an interesting faction.  I feel a lot of their casters have game but they are just a tweak or two away from being competitive.  I might have to take these guys to the tournament.  Maybe some Butcher 2 and Sorscha 2.


Feora 1 22% of the votes

Feora 2 22% of the votes

Durant 2 14% of the votes

Reznik 1 11% of the votes

I don’t have much to say about these holy guys.  I don’t play them and don’t see them on the table much in my area.

Well some surprising stuff from the voting for Cryx.  Of all the factions that have been covered they had the highest percentage of votes per caster.  That means that they as a community agreed on what was the bottom of their caster pool

Sturgis 2 35% of the votes

Morty 2 22% of the votes

Agathia 10% of the votes

Aiakos 2 9% of the votes

So the elves were mostly in agreement on who their worst casters are.

Thyron 28% of the votes

Garryth 28% of the votes

Vyros 1 25% of the votes

Helynna 11% of the votes


They only have what?  5 casters?  So tough to include them in this tournament.  I’ll have to think on it a little more.  But here are their bottom as voted by you.

Lucas & Locke tied with 35%


Not as many Merc players apparently.  Lowest turn out for voting!  This is how you end up with a horrible leader. I know someone who’s happy Constance is on the list….

Constance 21% of the votes

Durgen 19 % of the votes

Magnus 1 15% of the votes

Caine 3 15 % of the votes


It’s always tough to do the limited factions.  They don’t have the depth of casters to get an accurate picture of their worst.  What is interesting is that this was the lowest voter turn out.  But they were in agreement.  Pay attention PP.  Aurora needs some love.

Aurora 43%

Syntherion 37%

Iron Mother 12%


So there we have it.  Warmachine edition is done.  Over the next few days we will find out who the worst Warlocks are!  Stay tuned!