So we played another blind doubles today.  We had 8 people show up to roll some dice which is the perfect number.  You always want pods of 4 to make sure no one sits.

Last time I took Sorscha 1 so I could have fun freezing everything and threatening the board.  This time I decided to take Vlad 1.  My list consisted of 4 models.  With the doubles event we run 35 points plus the caster.  No themes allowed.  So it limits your points so much.  But it also lets you take stuff you might not normally take in theme.

Khador – Vlad 1 Blind Doubles

Theme: No Theme Selected
35 / 35 Army

Vladimir Tzepesci, The Dark Prince – WJ: +28
–    Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator – PC: 4
–    Behemoth – PC: 25
–    Victor – PC: 34 (Battlegroup Points Used: 28)


My first game I got paired up with Russ and his Skorne.  He was running Makadea with Molik Karn, gladiator, derp turtle and a unit of Blood Runners.  We were playing against James who was using Caine 3 and lots of chargers and his partner was Steve who was running Vlad 2 and min Ulans, Yury, 2 marauders, a mad dog and something else.  Check the pic.

They won the roll to go first.  I really didn’t want to go 2nd.  I wanted to go first and run up the board to threaten scenario.  So I told them they should go first so I can shoot them bottom of one with my range 20 gun on the Viktor.  They talked about it for a while and decided they didn’t want that to happen.  So they picked sides.  My Jedi mind trick worked!  We ran up and positioned.  They moved up behind cautious of my threat ranges.

We talked about what we wanted to do this turn.  We were figuring out what I could do under feat how far up I could get to crush some chargers.  Decided it wasn’t worth it for me to feat so he feared and went after some Ulans.  Some poor target selection and he was only able to kill 1 with Molik.  It was ok as he was jammed in his face. I positioned and fired a difficult terrain shot at the Cyclone.  Limiting its effectiveness next turn.  It took 3 shots and wasn’t crippled!  Damn dice failed me.
Thankfully Russ killed the two weapon master solo’s Steve had.  Yuri and his buddy.  Otherwise they prob would have killed Makeda.  And Steve knew it!

They counter and kill Molik.  Steve feats and puts 2 ponies and a solo on the Derp Turtle leave it on 8. James tickled some of my jacks but not really doing much damage.  Dice fails.  The Cyclone isn’t able to make any relevant attacks.  But they score a point in the left zone.

Russ finishes off the remaining ponies.  I tickled some more of his chargers. Russ was able to get the Gladiator into the zone to deny anymore CP’s.

James feats and makes sure he finishes the Derp turtle with scores them a point.  He tenderizes Behemoth as well.  At this point after his feat they are low on clock.

I decide its time for Caine to die.  I feat so the Viktor can walk to a charger.  He power attack two handed throws a charger.  Who throws his directly away….which hits Caine.  Who is now knocked down and took a Pow 19 shot!  Ouch!  Behemoth activates and with his crippled right gun hits and kills Caine.  Vlad 2 is left alone not able to get into the game.  In the end they clock out. We win!

Round 2 I said goodbye to Russ and got my new partner who was just my opponent!  Steve is now on the good side…mine.  We lost the roll to go first but kept the same side.  This time we were playing James again and Alex who was playing Baulder.  He also had the magic monkey and some shooty shrimps.

They ran up taking ground.  We countered staying out of the Monkey’s threat.  Steve lead with the jacks as bait so he could feat on the ponies after.  Alex doesn’t like seeing all the jacks in his face. And they decide that James shoot feat and take out as much as possible.  He was able to remove 2 of the heavies.  Alex learns that with this weird combo of Vlad 1 and 2 I can send the Viktor downtown. Fastball special.  Speed 4 plus feat 4 plus charge 3 plus boundless 2 plus assail 2 and reach 2 = 17”. He actually backed up the monkey.

This time it was pretty easy for us to decide what to do.  With boundless on a pony Steve would be able to get 2 charges on Caine.  That should do the job.  Vlad 2 feats I put Boundless on the back one and away they go.  I had to move Behemoth to kill the dumb dog because we didn’t want to take the chance of him toughing to an impact attack.  Dog dies.  This better work or Caine is going to John Wick our ass.
One Ulan almost one shots the objective leaving it on 1.  2nd one hits Caine and leaves him on 3.  2nd one connects and Caine is red mist.  This is kind of funny because all the jacks are in front of Alex’s army.  Magic Monkey is stuck.

I score the right zone which they can’t connect unless the monkey runs.  So Alex decides to avenge Caine and kill the ponies.  He gets 2 out of 3 and concedes.

Last round. I am either going to be paired with Ben and H2 or James and Caine 3.
I ended up with James!  And we are playing against Russ who was my partner in the first round and Ben with H2 2 Centurions, Thorn and some solo’s.

They won the roll to go first and took it.  We took the side where we could hide behind a house and score safely.  They run up into our face. The Derp Turtle runs full out and then Haley TK’d it so it could be 2” closer.  They pass clock.

James and I look at each other.  He says feat and kill it?  Hell yes.  Derp Turtle is put into the ground.  I lob a shot with the Viktor and tried to take out the Blood Runners.  I dev and only get one.  Behemoth just positions as nothing is in range.

This is their big turn which spoilers fall apart fast.   They come up with a great plan to get Molik onto Behemoth.  With a TK and Rush on him he is the fastball special.  But Russ forgot to keep him in Makeda’s control range.  So he does 2 attacks and sidesteps away.  Oops.  Send big mistake was on Ben when he moved Haley up to feat.  He forgot to move the squire.  So he wasn’t able to feat on Behemoth, a Cyclone and a Charger.

Behemoth kills Molik,  James removes Thorn who was in our face.

They counter by putting 2 Centurions on Behemoth and finishing him off and doing some damage to the Viktor.

Viktor walks up and kills 1 Centurion and cripples the jack marshalled one.  James kills some Blood Runners and the Gladiator which is the last model that can threaten the Viktor, and puts a couple shots into Haley scaring her.

Haley 2 TK’s Strangeways so he can fix his jack.  With crusher he walks in and finishes a side on the Viktor.  Haley runs away.  Madeda with a TK and 2 sidesteps gets on Caine and leaves him on 3.

James finishes off Makeda no problem.  The Viktor moves up with the feat and finishes the Centurion, Strangeway, and the objective.  James then moves up the Charger and Cyclone and finishes off Haley.

The day was a blast and I feel my team mates carried me all day to a victory.
I ended up winning a Gift Certificate too go with it!

Events like this are fantastic for the community.  And I think we should do more of them and really support them.  Its great for the guys who aren’t uber competitive and for player who may not be so experienced at the game as its a team event your partner can help you with rules and plans.  I was able to help James keep Caine alive all game.  Where in the other two games he was assassinated. So hopefully he wont’ let that happen anymore!

The last pic was an epic and funny game.  Alex got assassinated by Butcher after the Butcher toughed.  But thats not pictured.  Alex then used his wild beasts to surround King of Nothing.  Steve then ran Vlad 2 in and blocked him in.  Greg tried all he could to kill Vlad but left him with about half his life.  Vlad then activates and kills the King of Nothing with less then a minute left on the clock.