So we held a Blind Doubles today at a local store X-Planet.  Whats Blind Doubles?  Basically you take a warcaster/warlock and 35 points.  Show up to the store and end up with a random partner.  You play as a team.  Activating together.  The only stipulation was you both couldn’t feat at the same time.   Then after the round is done you say goodbye to your partner and you get a new one.  So if you won your first game you are partnered with someone who lost their first game.  If you won your 2nd game you’re partnered with someone who is 0-2 for your 3rd game!  Really its more about fun and community then it is about winning.  On to the battle reports!

We had 12 players show up which was perfect for 6 teams.  No one sits out everyone is always playing.

So first my list.  I have been faction hoping like crazy these last few months.  So really anything was possible.  First I thought about what would be just brutal.  Butcher 3 with Ruin and a pile of Marauders.  So fun.  Thought about Stryker 1 with a Hurricane and Storm Strider.  Then I through it might be better to have a more general caster.   I wanted to have a caster that could help my team mate.  A buff or a feat that would help them.  I thought about the Coven.  With a great shut down feat.  Zerkova 1 has a great feat and clouds.  Then I settled on Sorscha 1!

The List.
Sorscha 1
Eiyriss 1
Winter Guard Rifle Corps 3 x Rocketeers

So really its a balanced list.  I can score all the zones.  Not a skew list.  I can feat and my teammate can contribute!  At least thats the plan.

Round 1 I got paired up with another Khador player!  Steve B and he was running Sorscha 2!  The event would allow the same casters as long as they weren’t the same version.  So Sorscha 1 and 2 is good to go!
Our first game is vs Gerrit who is playing Ret and Evan who is playing Sorscha 2!  Man she is everywhere!  Steve and I won the roll to go first and they made us move for table sides.  The game was going great for us.  Steve feated and was supposed to take out two heavies.  He cripples a Decimator with the first shot and goes for the Jug on the second shot.  And with dice minus 6 under Sorscha 2 feat and he does a total of  4 damage…..oh no.  The only good thing was that the Jug was out of charge range of his Behemoth and the Decimator’s Gun was crippled and he couldn’t get focus.
In the centre we have sentinels leading the way and some Man-O-Wars close behind them.  Thankfully Sorscha 1 has Freezing Grip.  So I promptly froze the sentinels.  Which locked out the Shocktroopers.  Which swung the game huge.  Steve and I were able to close it out on scenario.

After turn 1!

Gerrit and Evan planning evil things!


Round 2  I said goodbye to Steve and hello to Austin.  Austin is playing Kreoss 1.  I thought this would be fantastic.  Pop and drop here we go!  We ended up playing Steve (who was my partner the previous round) and Spencer (Happy Birthday man!) who is running Severius 1.  Again we won the roll to go first.  We run up and take as much ground as we could.  Austin was a little two slow with Kreoss not having a valid charge target by the time he activated.  Which would mean he would be too far back to feat the next turn.  Steve and I would play the threat game the whole time.  Our Behemoths be playing the positioning game the whole time.  At one time mine backed up because I knew he would be feating the next turn and I didn’t want to have him hit….which was bad for Austin as he got obliterated that turn.  I take control of the right circle zone and there was a beautiful house right over there and my Destroyer was able to contest the centre rectangle zone and be safe from everything.  Austin ends up with a heavy on his caster but he survives!  I’m able to clear 2 zones and we score 2-1.  We go on back and fourth and Kreoss is able to not die with that heavy still on him!  Go old man!  With some luck we are able to clear out the left circle zone and score it with Austins last remaining Choir….who had to take a free strike from a exemplar….which he did!  Austin and I would win 6-1 on scenario.

I loved that house!

Spencer ready to wreck!



Round 3 Austin and I part ways and I get Evan whom I played against round 1.  We end up playing Greg who is playing the Child his newly acquired Grymkin and Austin!  Again we won the roll to go first.  We again run up and take as much ground as possible.  Even though this was the last game there was so much going on its hard to remember it all!  I took control of the right side in Recon 2.  So Sorscha was camping the flag and scoring the zone.  Austin deployed a little to light on that side and I am able to clear it and start scoring.  Under Evans feat we are able remove a lot of heavies to really swing the attrition in our favour.  Due to some Grymkin jank Greg is able to get a Cage Rager on a knocked down Sorscha 2! She was very sad and died.  But due to some confusion on positioning the turn before we were way up on scenario because Austin kill boxed himself.  I was able to feat and stationary the Child then go back to the flag.  Eiryss shoots off her fury and Behemoth and the Destroyer shoot her dead.  Then we won on scenario.  10-5.

Greg and the traitor Austin!

Welcome to the winning side Evan!

End of the game state.


Two of us ended up 3-0.  Instead of playing off for first just gave it to Alex since he had more points destroyed.  Then I won a raffle and got $50 anyway!  WIN!  Congrats to all those who won raffle prizes!  Fab won fully painted.  Austin got a random raffle and so did Evan.

I had a blast it was a lot of fun.  I look forward to the next one we do.  Maybe we will allow themes this time around.  I might go a little more skewed for the next one.  A colossal or maybe 2 Battle Engines!

Thanks to Matt D for running the event!  Lionel for hosting it at his store.  He even played in his first MK3 game!  And at one point Lionel was 2-0!  For someone who hasn’t played the game in 2 years not too bad.  Good job sir!

Ontario Team Championship registration is almost here!