Today we participated a WTC charity team event at X-Planet in Mississauga.  Lionel was great to host the event and donate half the proceeds to the boys going to the WTC this year.  8 teams showed up to play the 3-man team event.

My team was Tim, a member of Canada’s WTC teams, and Jeremy… who is not… yet.  Tim played Circle, while Jeremy played Legion and I played Cygnar for the first time in 3 years….

I mean what can go wrong.

My first matchup was vs Even.  He was playing Khador with  Sorscha 1 and Strakov 1.  He dropped Sorscha and I dropped H2 won the die roll, and he picked sides.

My first turn consisted of just running up into position.  The Trenchers used Dig In so Behemoth couldn’t blast them off the table.
Even took his turn to position his own forces, and not much else happened, aside from  Eiryss 1 disrupting my Stormclad….sad face.

My second turn I go into the tank for a while. H2 just gives you so many options.  I decide to walk up the Trenchers a bit and cloud up this time to negate his feat since the cloud wall would block his LOS to most of my army thanks to some conveniently placed forests.  I run Thorn to within 8″ of Behemoth.  Haley casts Domination on the Behemoth, walks him 4″ away to punch one of his Shock Troopers in the back.   Squish.   My Arcane Tempest Rifleman start tickling his Juggernaut, and I forget to activate Eiryss.  D’oh.

His second turn he charges the Behemoth in to kill some Trenchers,  but should probably have cast Boundless Charge to get him into the Stormclad.  The Shock Troopers durdle daround positioning and using Shield Wall so I can’t hurt them with my pow 10s….grrr.  Sorscha gets a little nervous and backs up a bit since Thorn was getting closer, and Gorman Black Oils the Stormclad.

My third turn and it’s time to score.  I position Thorn, kill Eiryss, cast Dominate on the Jug contesting the far left flag and walk him out of Sorscha’s control area.  Yay me!  The Gun Mages aim and kill Ragman.  Gun Mage Adept kills Gorman.  My Eiryss goes to the flag.  Stormclad kills the Jug contesting and Lanyssa goes to the center flag.

I forget to feat.

Score 2.

His turn he is in a bad way.  Behemoth tries to get into the game.  But it still so far out.  He shoots a trencher who toughs.  Kills the other one with boosted blast damage but Lanyssa lives on 1 box.  But since he toughed he’s knocked down so he just shoots him again and the blast damage kills Lanyssa.  No scoring for me on his turn.  His Shock Troopers are able to kill two Murder Ponies who were blocking them in, and Sorscha backs up even more.  I wish there was kill box! Jug walks back into contest.

My fourth turn I tank up again.  I position with Thorn to Dominate the Behemoth again but not walk him into contesting incase I fail to kill him.  I cast TK on the other Jug moving it out  first and am able to score there.  The Stormclad, and Ironclad both go in on the Behemoth… and fail to kill it…  Luckily, I feated with H2 and had turned the Behemoth around so it couldn’t do anything this turn, plus no cortex.

His turn he charges in with Sorscha and feats to freeze my ‘clads.  He fails to kill the Ironclad.  And again he contests with the Jug.  The Shock Troopers kill some more Ponies.

My fifth turn.  Easy peasy.  I dominate the Jug and walk it away, again!  The Ironclad shakes the stationary walks up and Tremors the Behemoth  to knock down Sorscha.  I proceed to shoot her with Eiryss, 2 Riflemen and the Adept.

The Stormclad has to be the one to put her in the dirt.

Our team sweeps round 1!


We are up against 2 WTC members and 1 from the previous year.  Should be good.  Our Captain  feats to switch 2 of the pairings.  Seems like that was a bad choice…. He doesn’t switch mine, nope, I’m suck against Brynn Holdstock and his Menoth.  I wanted to see what my 10 model Stryker 1 list could do.  He drops the Dude with the Chariot.

Pretty sure I went first and just ran!

Brynn positions to stay out of my walk and fire range.  He has 3 shield guards so there’s not much chance I’ll get a shot on him anyway….  I kill 3 Daughters on one side with electro leaps, no vengence for him! Same thing happens on the other side. I am careful to stay out of his charge range so I can save my feat for another turn, and I give magical weapons to one Stormwall so he can start tenderizing one of his main heavies.

Brynn positions making sure he is out of my Stormwalls 10″ of melee threat.  He pulls some jank to get one of his jacks onto one of my Stormwalls and almost 1 rounds it because it has “Purgation?” on it?

Lesson learned there.  DROP ARCANE SHIELD!  Doh.

But its alive just hurting….a lot.  There was a house that was perfectly placed near his flag that was going to be an issue for me to either get to the flag or contest it.  He goes over to that flag and starts scoring.

Game gets too hard to go turn by turn here.  I feat and he doesn’t kill much.  I start using Ponies to contest.

Then we found out that his teammates won the other two games so I convince him to just go all in sending his caster in on Stormwall….fails to kill it.  I go to kill it when I relearn that the Jr only has 3 focus….which means 6″ of control….I put Stormwall 8″ away because I thought they all had 4 focus now…..doh.  Instead of punching him twice and winning….I hit him once and concede.  D’oh!

I am 1-1.

Round 3 I get paired up vs Kevin.  Who is also playing H2.  I figured we’d have an H2 off.  Which we did.

I go first and move up into position, dig in with the Trenchers….Keep track, this is mistake #1  If I had clouded up he wouldn’t have been able to shoot Thorn which he does and it hurts!  I figure it might be a good time to get some work out of Thorn so I run him up to be with in 8 of the Stormclad.  I cast Dominate on him and walk him closer.  I thought about trying to hit his Haley with him needing a 9 to hit.  Dice plus 5 it was so tempting.  Instead he hits Lanyssa rolling an 8.  I hunters mark it and charge it with my Ironclad and kill it.  His ponies charge and kill my Ironclad and I lose Thorn! D’OH!  I am able to get my Stormclad on 4 of his ponies and it kills 3 of them.

He takes a shot at my Stormclad and misses, which then he has to roll against his Pony in the back arc.  Yes Kevin you were right.  The shot can hit any of the models involved in the combat.  Even models my model isn’t engaged with….its complicated we will do a video on it.  In the end I forget to move my Squire, which denies me a reroll on the TK to turn his Haley around and pull her out of the forest.  I concede.

It was a great day and a great turn out for the event.  I went 1-2….as did my team mates.  Which was pretty funny.  Congrats to the Scrubs who won the event.  They were playing broken stuff.  You know Double Menoth and Legion.


I may have only gone 1-2 but I had a better day then Cory….who dropped not one, but two heavy war beasts in the span of 2 min.  Epic Fail.  I mean they were only Skorne Heavies….