So its been a while since I have played a zero point game.  Been so long for you too?  What is a zero point game?

A zero point game is the prefect place to start off new players so they can learn the mechanics of Wamachine/Hordes.  You take a Warcaster/Warlock and just the same amount of jacks/beasts as they are allowed.  For example: Siege 1 with Ace 10 points and Triump at 18 points, for a total of 28 warjack points.  That is a zero point game, or a battle box game.

We have a new player starting up at the store so we have been playing some games to get him up to speed.  And they are far more fun then I remembered.  It also helps we spiced it up a bit.  After a week or two of just 1 vs 1, we started adding a player or two.  We played some free for all with 3 then 4 players.  But last week we had an epic showdown.  5 player free for all.  What a laugh.  I was using Siege 1 and volunteered to deploy in the middled of the board.  With the stipulation that I could go last.  We put a zone in the middle with a healing objective for some lols.  Since I was in the middle I would get to score as soon as the game started.  This drive players into the middle to make sure I didn’t get too far a head.  We also had flags for all the other players to score with their casters.  They could score them and be safe from each other but not safe from my guns.  After that we rolled off for turn order.  After a player went the remaining players would roll off for who would go next.  This gave you the potential to get back to back turns. Which could be game changing.  And lets also state that battle box games are not balanced.  So when you get into this shit can go south so fast.  Well with me in the middle laying down as much fire as possible to start tenderizing my opponents.  What you immediately notice is the negotiating between players.  Much like in a game of Risk.  Then of course with deals being made back stabbing happens as well.  Which is hilarious.  For some reason Greg and I are always out to kill each other.  Or convince someone else to do the deed for us.  In this game I tenderized Greg to the point it was too attractive for the Menoth player to not go in and kill him.  Small victory for me.  Even if I did die in the end.

The following week I switch it up.  I brought Butcher 3 with 2 Marauders.  The plan being go a head and kill my jacks Butchers gong to kill you!  This time we had 2 circle players, a troll player and 2 Khador players.  This was gong to get ugly.  No one stuck in the centre this time we were just deployed around the square as evenly placed as possible.  Scoring this time was flags again but we juiced up the caster kills.  First person to kill a caster got 3 points, 2nd 2 points, after that they each gave up one.  This made players more aggressive for that first caster kill.  Butcher 3 and his crazy threat range made it possible to get the first 2 casters in 1 activation.  But again with some cleaver wheeling and dealing Greg is able to orchestrate Butcher’s demise…..that bastard.  In the end Khador won getting a jack then his caster (whoever the one that comes in the battle box is) on Ragnor who failed his tough!

Who knows what we’ll play tonight!  I think I might bring Sorscha 1 and Behemoth just for some pew pew fun.  And if possible feat and assassinate in melee!  Then again I’m lazy and Butcher 3’s in the bag…..

What have you done to grow the game in your community?