The Bird is the Word

I sometimes get stupid ideas into my head and when our gaming group decided we’d go to our local store early on a holiday I decided I was going to buy and paint a storm raptor in like 2 days. I bought it on Monday at 430 pm, got home and assembled and painted it by wed morning! We headed out at noon and I played 5 games with the storm raptor; 4 with krueger 1 and 1 with kromac 2. Here’s my experience and lists.

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In defense of SPAM!

Yummy! Comes in under-costed warjack or unbalanced warcaster variety!

I feel like I’ve written this article before, or at least had this argument more times than I care. Still, it seems that amidst all the belly aching and doom and gloomery over Mad Dogs and 2Una bird flocks it’s time to drag it over the coals again and tell you all why I think SPAM is good for the game!

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