State of the Meta

Ok, it’s only been a couple weeks since mark 3 was official, and I may have only played like 10 games and seen about a dozen, but I AM READY to make some wild and inaccurate predictions about how the meta is going to gel!

Almost immediately I have noticed 2 trends in lists played and lists advertised on social media:

  1. Jack Spam
  2. Extreme ranged

It is my belief that these will be the two dominant list building strategies in the initial meta cohesion, so let’s take a closer look at them and then I’ll discuss why I think this will be the trend.

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Todays Insider on PP’s site Top 10 rules easy to miss, subtle changes.

Top Ten list of some of the easy-to-miss subtle changes for your new edition games.

1) Minuses to SPD no longer prevent models from charging.

2) All cavalry models make impact attacks and can attack with their mounts during an activation in which they did not charge.

3) When a model uses Shield Guard on an AOE attack, the AOE is now centered on the model that used Shield Guard.

4) A warjack knocked down in shallow water no longer has its furnace extinguished.

5) A model no longer has to begin its activation in the back arc of a model to gain the Back Strike bonus. It just has to make its attack completely within its target’s back arc.

6) Push and Headlock/Weapon Lock Power Attacks no longer exist.

7) Warcasters no longer remove all remaining focus points on them during their Maintenance Phase. Now they only remove focus points in excess of their Focus Stat.

8) Knocked down models can now be moved by slams.

9) Predeploy doesn’t exist anymore.

10) Some models reference Structures, such as Siege Brisbane, but you’ll notice there are no Structure rules in Prime or Primal. Look forward to hearing more about the GREATLY simplified and awesome Structure rules in the future.

So, remember as you read the rules, it’s not just about remembering what’s there—sometimes it’s just as important to realize what’s not there, too!

Got something you think should have made the list? Hop on over to the official forums thread, and post your thoughts so everyone can charge into the new editions full-tilt! Forums

William Shick

See the original post here.

MK3 Rule Leaks

Collected from all over the interwebs.

Hills just give arcing fire now

Immunity Electricity means you are ignore for all electric leaps and arcs (explains why Nemo3 lost the rule)

LoS is still a bottom up method but no longer butt vision. Line must be drawn from the front arc.

New terrain types formally in the rules – smoke clouds, burning forests and acid pool. The latter two cause their respective continuous effects, but every turn you roll a d6 and on a 1 or 2 they lose their dangerous condition. For clouds on a 1 or 2 they dissipate

Walls and obstacles in zones appear to be ok.

You can target units with models out of formation with friendly upkeep spells again, however you cannot target the OOF models themselves

Free strikes unchanged, engagement unchanged.

Back strike still plus 2. Don’t need to start in the back to get the bonus.

Add to the Campaign Fiction!

Okay a bit more info on the Narrative Campaign!BlogEpicBaldur

I am going to collect written fiction and fan fiction to WattPad

Thanks Ray Slakinski for directing me there!

Basically, anyone can write fiction based around the campaign in wattpad on their account and I will link them by putting them in the reading list of the main account. Alternatively people can submit fiction and I will add it to the main account. I will also be compiling fiction on the PF site (in the header at the top “Severed Ties Campaign”)
Note that this will be a playing campaign where games drive the story and scenarios and game variations will be put out to help drive those games. Wattpad is just a way to help collect the fiction in one linked location.