SOO Double Champion Bubba Dalton

13051721_491257791066215_4239687565190369987_nDespite only having joined the warmachine community a couple years ago, Bubba Dalton has wracked up some impressive wins and plays and comports himself in the manner of a life long veteran. He has won many local tournaments, was on this years OTC winning team, qualified for masters at CaptainCon 2014, 2015, 2016, Templecon 2015, Southern Ontario Open 2015, 2016 and just recently rocked SOO winning both IG and Masters in the same weekend. Last year he was a member of Team UN at WTC (going undefeated) and joins Team Canada Goose for this coming year.  Bubba is an extremely strong warmachine player and a jovial gentleman to hang out with.

Qualified for Masters at:
On Team Canada – Goose

Our Buddies over at Moosemachine streamed a bunch of the games and you can check them out at:

You can check out the Iron Gauntlet Finals here:

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