Interview with Marc Andre Leblanc- winner 10th WE

axe colour dual crossed copy

Marc Andre Leblanc is a prominent member of the Canadian Warmachine Community and is very active in the international meta. He has been attending WTC as part of the Canadian team since it’s inception and was captain last year. He has won innumerable tournaments but some of his more recent ones are OTC 2016 and the New England Team Tournament.  He is one of the best warmachine players in Canada if not the world and is also a very modest and amiable gentleman. Continue reading Interview with Marc Andre Leblanc- winner 10th WE

Worst warlock in circle

I’ve been playing circle for about a year and a bit and played all the casters at least 3 times with the exception of pkaya (not a fan of the model). When Kromac 2 was announced I was very excited, I love PKromac and the model looked amazing. When the rules dropped I was a bit disappointed but resolved to give him a try.kkkkkkk

Although I only played about a dozen games I quickly came to the conclusion, that for me at least, Kromac2 is the worst warlock in circle.  Continue reading Worst warlock in circle

OTC 2016- Raw Data

Whew, I went through all the results from OTC and its a ton of information! I also learned some things about data collection that will help us revise our team sheets to make the collection and presentation of this information easier.

Please Note this post is just the presentation of the raw data with no analysis, if you want pretty pie charts and stuff, look to the other post!

Manly men with their barbie soldiers at work!

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OTC 2016 So long and see you next year!

Alright since i was losing my voice it made it hard to do a end of event speech. So this will be a long post! Sorry.

First thanks to everyone who came out to the 2nd OTC. We had 24 teams for a total of 120 players. We had teams from as far as Lancing Michigan come to try and steal the OTC trophy. Thanks to EVERYONE for coming out.

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