Bottom of the Barrel Tournament Results

So the dust has settled on our first Bottom of the Barrel event. Lots of fun was had with 14 players showing up to prove their caster wasn’t bottom of the barrel!  As previously posted I took my Trolls deciding  on a Bearka Tier 4 list, and Gunny.

First round I get a buddy Jon who was rocking Legion for the first time in an event.  He only had to borrow models off of 3 different people to make his Tier 4 list.  I had no clue what to drop so I went for Bearka.

Let’s just say mistakes were made.

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Playing with trash, golden learning opportunities

We did a great little event at our local LFGS; a bottom of the barrel! In this style of event you are limited to choosing up to two of the three worst casters in your faction (as voted by everyone). With these serious limitations some casters who are normally complete garbage turn out to be quite incredible!

I decided to take Mohsar the desert walker and Grayle the Far Strider. I’ve played a competitive ranged build of Mohsar and decided he would be my anti-hordes, shoot you dead list and Grayle would be more of an assassination/armour cracking list.

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Bottom of the Barrel Tournament

Today is the big day.   Its the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL tournament!

We took a pole a while ago and after all the votes were in we had a list of the worst of the worst war caster/warlocks per faction.   In most cases we took the bottom 3, COC we could only take 2.   We posted the results and challenged the meta to run a Bottom of the Barrel tournament.  You can ONLY take the casters that were voted to be the worst.  Here is the list.

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Underestimating your opponent!

I recently went to a tournament at Titan and I got through the first round playing Morvhana and I was paired up vs a Convergence player in the second round.  My second list was Bradigus and even though I knew he was going to drop Lucant I decided to drop Bradigus because; “He’s got to be a newer player bringing COC to a tournament, I’ll just get myself unlocked.”


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