The Expendables: Infantry and jamming

In warmachine table presence is important, it stops you losing on scenario and it also complicates your opponents capacity to get to your key pieces while threatening his key pieces with yours.

An important component of table presence are expendable models. Now, not all casters, lists and factions bring a lot of expendable models. A faction like Legion relies almost exclusively on its ability to project staggering threat range while being capable of removing enemy pieces at range to deliver beasts to key pieces in the opponents army. For the purposes of this article I will ignore armies that function like that and single models designed to force opponents to over commit to their destruction. In this article we’ll be focusing on the poor dudes who’s only reward for a job well done is a shallow grave:


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So a little spoiler in the upcoming No Quarter.  Maddrak is getting a new tier.  So what are your thoughts on this?  Do you think it will be fluffy and fun and not see much play?  Or broken as shit and you’ll never play him out of tier again?

I have been playing Cryx all year and Doomy 3 is making me want to play my trolls.   A new Maddrak tier might be the final push!


Warroom Beta Review

The War Room beta has started so without further ado here are some screens of the new app.
Starting with the new main menu screen you can see the some new icons as well as two major buttons; build an army and go to war. Currently only build an army is enabled. Bottom left is the main app options menu, bottom right is the help and sign in/log out/update menu. There is currently a button for reporting bugs but I assume that will disappear with the full release. Center at the bottom is the card library (left) and the rules reference (right). You’ll also notice that the background picture has changed (more on that later).

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