Ontario Team Championship 2


Lich Lord Beaverous
Lich Lord Beaverous

Registration is just around the corner.  Nov 1st 9am!
If you don’t know what the Ontario Team Championship (OTC) is its a 5 man event modelled after the WTC event.   This years OTC will be held on March 5th 2016 at
828 Legion Rd, Burlington, ON L7S 1T6
We had teams from as far as Ottawa make it out last year and 2 teams out of the US.
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World Ender #5 Battle Report

25 players showed up to try and win a ticket to the invitational.  25 players showed up.  Competition was going to be stiff.  4 players from the WTC team were out.   King of the North decided to stay home and watch the Jays lose….mistakes were made.

I thought this would be a great time to get some practice with P Skarre.  So off I went with my well practiced list (Goreshade 3) and my I have no clue what to do list (Skarre).

Here are my lists!


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Troll Jesus is Legit

Ok so, the book has been out for a week now and I’ve managed to get 2 games under my belt with Troll Jesus, and thus I feel this makes me an expert on the subject.

I have been running him in tier 3, no Glacier Kings for me. 🙁

Here is the list.

Not the real Troll Jesus and his little buddy. But they will do for now.
Not the real Troll Jesus and his little buddy. But they will do for now.

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Zaptos the Thanksgiving Turkey

With the release of Devastation and the update to warroom I’ve immediately gone in and started looking at the juicy newness and trying to find some interesting synergies and unique play experiences the new models will offer.

To be honest I haven’t been too impressed with Kromac 2 despite all the love other circle players have expressed for him and I was a bit shocked by the crazy power levels of Doomy3 but I don’t want to talk about those guys. What I was really interested in was the new Circle Gargantuan: The Storm Raptor!

Wild Turkey a-1


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Doomy3, just another Durst?

Okay so Monday night The King of the North; Bubba Dalton, came on down to the store and showed everyone who was interested how broken and crazy doomy 3 will be.

troll doom copy

I already knew Doomy was pretty insane, damage mitigation feat in trolls was crazy enough but this guy has 3 scrolls that are like mini feats in themselves and a spell list that puts the shitacular Kromac into his little cradle where he belongs.

Monday night at the bar was full of salt and gripes with doom and gloom hanging over any poor sod who didn’t play trolls.

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Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet you’re broken as ….

I am not normally one to post on a new release.  But Doomshaper 3….omg.  How did you make it through play testing?

I am shocked that a few of the top players have not realized how AMAZING he is.  No exaggeration here.  Top caster in the game.

Troll Jesus.

I don’t even know where to start.  Thanks to some screen shots making its way across the inter webs we know all the details on Doomy 3 the day before the book drops.


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