You know they are a good choice for Trolls when some of the top players hate playing them!
And much like Warders they are better in twos!  So don’t get one unit get two!

I know they have been out for a while but I just got my second unit!

At first I wasn’t sold on them when they first came out.  I felt they didn’t have a home in my E Madrak list….. Well I am no fool and I can admit when I am wrong.  And boy was I!  I have only played two games with them so far with Bearka and they are great.  They have now found a place in my Madrak list.  Can’t wait to give him a go!



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World Ender #1 Victor Interview: Benoit Berube

Beniot was the winner of the first World Ender in Ottawa Ontario. The World Ender is an invitation only tournament started by Part Fouler Scott Talarico. There are 16 qualifying events held around southern Ontario and into Northern New York State. Each event will have one winner and that winner will be invited to the World Ender Finals!
I got the opportunity to interview Benoit about his experience with the World Ender and his plans for the Finals!

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Ontario Team Championship March 5th 2016.

Seems like a bit early to be talking about the next OTC.  But as the WTC winds down we are getting ready for this event.

Details are pretty much the same as last year.  Its modelled after the very successful WTC.  Any changes they made the OTC will follow suit.  The big one this year is Divide and Conquer is 0.   You can ride you favourite caster all day long.  Its a one day event which is why its capped at 16 teams.  To keep it to 4 rounds.  Food and beer will be on site!

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World Ender #4 Victor Interview: David Beauchamp

axe colour dual crossed copy
David beauchamp played in the fourth World Ender Tournament in London at The Game Chamber:

Dave is a prominent member of the Warmachine community in southern Ontario, travels frequently for Conventions and has qualified for Lock & Load Iron Gauntlet 2015 and placed 4th, placed 3rd in Store Wars Finals  just to name a couple of his recent victories. He is currently in Ireland where he is playing as a member of Canada Team Goose.

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Denegrah the Soul Weaver- And her custom base.

After the amazing work I had done on my Kraken’s base I decided Denny needed some kind of love for her base too.   We bounced some ideas back and forth and came up with this.

Just have to finish Denny now.  Ian magnetized the wings but I am torn if I should just glue them in so I don’t always have to fiddle trying to get them in.

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Bottom of the Barrel as voted by YOU!

So we are clear.  This is not my list….this is a list made by you!  Everyone that contributed to the list thank you.  Don’t hate me but this is how it all broke down.  The first name is the one that got the most votes per faction.

What we are planning to do is this Dec at my Local Hobby Store we are going to have a Bottom of the Barrel tournament.  And we will see who rises to the top!  Only the casters listed below can be taken at the event!

Bottom of the Barrel

CYGNAR Blaize, P Nemo, Sturgis
MENOTH AMON, P Feora, Thyra
KHADOR Karchev tied Harkevich, P Zerkova
CRYX Sturgis, Scaverous, Venethrax
TRIB P Vyros, Garryth, Kaelyssa
COC Aurora, Mother
MERC P Magnus, E Magnus, Fiona
TROLLS Gunny tied Jarl, Bearka
CIRCLE  Grayle tied P Kaya, Mohsar
Legion Rhyas,, P Abby,  P Lyl
SKORNE Naaresh, P Hex, E Morghoul
MINIONS Sturm and Drang, Midas, Caliban
Who do you think shouldn’t be on here?  Who should have made the list?