The Swan Dive – My Swan Song

I’ve spent that last month trying to throw myself back into the Warmachine/Hordes hobby full bore. I picked up a new Faction, I made some efforts to speed up my painting style, and I’ve made a more conscious effort to go out and attend a regular game night (Much thanks to Scott for hosting). But the truth is, I’m really not enjoying it. Actually, the only thing I’ve really enjoyed, aside from the great people the hobby has to offer, is writing these articles. They’ve been helpful in fighting my general gamer malaise that’s been slowly creeping up into my life since the beginning of 2015.

Well, and this is the hard part, but I think it’s time for a break, and a considerable one. I’ve been back in the hobby since I got back from living abroad in 2013, and in that time I’ve gone to some cons, met, and played against, a lot of great people, but sadly the hobby just isn’t fulfilling what I’d hope it would. Instead I see it more as a burden, and I’ll fully admit that I’m the one putting the burden on myself. In truth that might be the problem I’m using Warmachine/Hordes as a way to fill a void that should be better filled by more meaningful things. Now, that’s not to say that I think the hobby is bad, far from it. I have always thought that in person competitive games like this have always been a great way to socialize, and meet people you might not otherwise have met. But for me, right now, I’m just sort of out of gas. Continue reading The Swan Dive – My Swan Song

Hmmm. Khador or Cygnar for World Ender #3?

So I am really excited I get to go to my first World Ender event!  A few of us are making the trek across the border to play at the Collectors Inn in Buffalo.  Of course with an approaching tournament lots of discussions on lists are being tossed around in our Facebook chat.  Well I am having some trouble. Not only do I not know what lists to take but I don’t even know what faction I should take.   I know I know first world problems.  My first thought was to take Cygnar since they just got punched in the gut.  They are my first faction so they are a little close to my heart.  But the problem is I am VERY VERY out of practice with them.  My first thought was P Haley and Siege.

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Interview with Brandon Walters; Store Wars II champion

Store Wars is an series of tournaments  run by 6 stores in the Southern Ontario Area. Each store runs 2 tournaments and players accumulate points through attendance, painting and wins. At the end of all the tournaments the top 16 players were invited to a Store Wars Finals!11918961_927878190606005_3384849872206976900_n

I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview the winner of the Finals; Brandon Walters. Continue reading Interview with Brandon Walters; Store Wars II champion

The Swan Dive – The Screw-Ups are Real!

The Swan Dive… okay, stop killing all my things…

Hey everyone, I’m back, and sort going to try and make a go of writing this article while the world is sort of blowing up in the background. I have a feeling I’m like one of those awesome cool guys from the movies who is too cool to look back at the explosion.

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