Body and Soul Game 4 Newbian Style

Hello Scott here from Party Foul again.

I got to play my 4th game with Body & Soul.  This time vs my buddy Tim.  He was using Krueger.  The scenario was Two Fronts.  I don’t think I would want to drop Body & Soul into this normally.

Una the Falconer with two griffons, Ghetto, stalker, two stones one with UA, two blackclads, druids, Druid Wilder, and a Gorax.

We roll for sides and he wins.  He chooses to go second.  I put Pursuit on the stalker and marked for death on the stealth unit of stones and Curse of Shadows on Ghetto.

My first turn I just run run run!

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Asymmetrical Attack- trying to even the odds in a bad match up- PART 1


Not every match you play with your favorite warmachine army will be a good match up. Sometimes your opponent will have tools at his disposal that will limit or outright deny your armies tech or strengths. You might have an armour skew list while your opponent has extreme damage output or you might be relying on high def when your opponent has no problem hitting DEF 17+.

In all cases these are bad match ups and if you are going to survive a bad match up you can’t rely on your standard operating procedures to get through to the win. What you need is ASYMMETRICAL ATTACK!

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Speed Machine List Selection 101

So my buddy Greg is hosting his own Birthday Bash at our local hobby store Sunday April 26th.  Its going to be SPEED MACHINE!  For those of you not familiar with the game its Warcaster/warlock and jacks/beasts.  Similar to Mangled Metal.  In this version you have a 16 min death clock!  This is a fun but incredibly unforgiving format.  But who cares.  Greg has Loot Bags for us!Unknown-2

So time to pick a list I think will both be fun (for me) and mean (to them).  I love to drink my opponents tears!  I have 4 factions available to me. Cygnar, Cryx, Khador and Trolls.

First I was thinking about Trolls.  Epic Madrak.  Blood Fury on Mulg sounds AMAZING!  Since its death clock.  P Hoarluk could be viable too.  Feat to slow down the attrition and time them out….hmmmm.  They I wanted to go balls out!

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List Homogenization: How to make the most out of net-decking

We’ve all seen it, at conventions, local tournaments and even in basement metas; lists looking the same. List Homogenization.

Mooo, circle ekreuger 3.25%!

First off, what is list homogenization? Homogenization is defined as;

to change (something) so that its parts are the same or similar. “

So in relation to warmachine, it’s what happens when lists start to look the same or are very similar.

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Body And Soul Newbian Style Game 2.

I got to play my second game using Body and Soul which I will now refer to as BS.  Because it is.

My opponent was using Skorne.  I told him in advance what I would be using.  He decided to drop a Rasheth tier.

Looking at his list I wasn’t happy to see 4 heavies.  That looked like it might be a problem for me.  But again this list is VERY new to me.  I do not know what my good and bad drops are for it.  Ok well purification casters are bad.  But aside from that I learn from losing.

So his list had 2 Bronzebacks, Gladiator, Cannoneer, 2 agonisers, Max Gators and Task master,  Beast handlers and the light…Krea maybe?

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Kraken and its Epic Base.

Hello Scott here from Party Foul.

As I collect models I often think of some cool ideas for a base on a model.  Ok not often.  Twice, one of which was my Mountain King smashing a Lancer into the rock,  and the second was my 2nd Stormwall curb stomping a Deathjack!  So this would be my third cool idea for a base.

And just because I have the cool idea doesn’t mean I am capable of doing it myself.  I have minions for that.  And I love my minions.  They are amazing.  Thanks again guys for putting up with me!

This idea was simple yet too complicated for me.  I wanted to have the Kraken coming out of water.  With one leg on a stone base and the other leg breaking through a dock.  I also envisioned it with a corpse floating in the water and a barrel leaking toxic waste into the water.  With that idea in mind I started looking for something I could just buy.


This was almost exactly what I was looking for!  I had been discussing my idea with a few buddies and Ian stepped forward and offered to help me create my masterpiece.  I half assembled my Kraken and handed it off.  Work began a day or two later!

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Skornication: The ABCs of As Bs and Cs

THESE are Spirit Fingers!

THESE are Spirit Fingers!

This week on Skornication we are talking Warnouns.  Everyone has their favorite Warcaster or Warlock, and for some of us it might be a less popular choice than others.

If you’re an idiot like me, you’re going to be drawn to all the obscure, ‘dark horse’ options.  It’s a tough path to tread (although a very fun one at times), and if you’re going to venture down it I would offer you a piece of advice.

Be careful not to get too caught up in being the champion of your own “[insert unpopular caster here] is actually good” movement.  I’ve been there, and unless you’re a much better player than me it will just end in frustration.


Because the truth is:  not all Warnouns are created equal.  I maintained that this wasn’t really true for a long time.  Like four or five years long time.

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THE SKY IS NOT FALLING! Its a Warcaster Unit after all.

Privateer Press has done a great job teasing the new releases coming out in the new book.  Yes I am talking about all the hype about Haley 3.  Who turns out will be a Warcaster Unit.
I am excited about what the new Haley(s) can do.  But I am a bit worried about the fact she is coming as a unit.  I know she will be no Butcher 3.  Who in my opinion is the only Warcaster Unit that I would use.   I have dabbled with Hunters Grim but they never really clicked with me.  I rarely see the Skrone Warlock Unit used.  Although I think she would be fun,  I just don’t play Skorne.  The list time I was excited about a caster for Cygnar was Stryker 3….I don’t want to talk about it.

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Body and Soul Newbian Style


So I have just finished assembling my Body and Soul E Denny list.

Took a while to put it all together. I am really new to Cryx and Denny is one of the casters I wanted to learn to play. I rarely think of control points in a game. Normally I just like to attrition to CP or assassination and with the lists and factions I have played in the past that always worked out no problem.

Playing Denny is going to force me to think a turn or 3 in advance. This should help elevate my game. That is the plan anyway. So now that I have had the pieces needed to field the list I am going to play it against everything!

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