Go Big or Go Home! 5 reasons to use Huge bases in warmachine.

Photo and model by the highly talented Aussie; Jon Krikstolaitis! Carebear STARE!


Battle Engines, Colossals, Gargantuans and even Huge based casters are definitely here to stay in warmachine. You could say it has been a very successful experiment for Privateer Press. Still, even though they sell very well, the number of huge based models you see at tournaments is relatively low.

Not to say they are rare, it largely depends on the faction and many factions current huge based options don’t add up when you do the cost vs performance math. That is definitely changing as PP learns from previous releases and is turning up the potential on some of these  huge based models.

Personally, like many, I love the huge bases and use them as an excuse to try and build a list around them. I consider myself quite competitive (from a mental stand point not necessarily from a performance angle) and many competitive players consider the vast bulk of the huge bases sub-optimal, but I think there are some strong arguments for using them in a competitive setting.

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Skornication: Reporting For Duty

THESE are Spirit Fingers!!!
THESE are Spirit Fingers!!!

Hello againwargamers, FACE_DOOM here to go over the Skorne options for the new Active Duty Roster, or ADR for short.  Seems like the first thing we should do is talk about what it is.

It’s part of the 2015 Masters packet, and it gives each Faction a list of four Warlocks or Warcasters who are on the current roster.  If you choose to bring two of those options as your two list pairing to a Masters event, you get to bring 20 points of specialists for each list.

20 points!  That’s almost half of your army you get to swap out, after both players have declared their Casters.

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Scott here from Party Foul.

Souless Cryx player in natural habitat 






We have had a few questions on how to build a list.  Not that I am any expert but I thought I would show my thoughts as I build a list and how it evolves.

Last year I was a Troll Player.  (Sorry to hear that -Ed) And I loved it.

But after a solid year of play with the Trolls it was time for a change.  A bunch of us at the local store I play at start with a new faction after Templecon/ Ontario Team Championship.  Since I was running the OTC and not playing in it meant I would have about a month advantage on my friends.  Having played so many games with Trolls the faction that gave me the most grief was going to be the one I was going to play. Hello Dragon Father.

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Skornication: Arbitration

Everyone needs a break sometimes.
Everyone needs a break sometimes.

So I know it’s not my normal day to ramble, but I wanted to jump in and make a few points in defense of my good friend Greg (Damiengore) and his recent opinion piece.

It was a strong argument for buying more in Local Gaming Stores and less from online retailers, for many reasons.  I tend to agree with a lot of what he said.  It was a little ‘in your face’, sure, but that’s mostly tongue-in-cheek.  And it was really funny.

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Community- Is a nine letter word


I am not, by nature, a joiner.

I also resist determined and mindful  organization and leadership as I feel, intuitively, that these should occur naturally or organically. I also feel that individuals who pursue this “mindful” approach to community building are somehow, dishonest, artificial and duplicitous.

I blame my distrust and apathy for organization and community building on Brian Mulroney.

As a result for the longest time I felt community building and development were the responsibility of somebody else. Some nebulous and ill defined “someone” that organized events and pulled people together.  Wasn’t my problem.


I only realized recently that, in many ways, I have been helping to build gaming communities for over 20 years.

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Skornication: Beverly Hills Ninja

THESE are Spirit Fingers!!!
THESE are Spirit Fingers!!!

Remember the dopey ninja Chris Farley played in one of the classic ‘fat guy has to do stuff’ comedies of the glorious 1990’s?  If you do, this reference is going to be easier for you.

If you don’t (as a large part of the current Warmachine population was probably not yet 10 years old when this particular film was released) then imagine a Ninja, who is a loud, fat, incompetent, blond white man from California.  He was raised by Ninjas, he lives in Los Angeles, hilarity ensues.

Think stealthy thoughts...
Think stealthy thoughts…





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If you’re still buying mini’s online after reading this, you’re a dumb ass!

If  you’re still buying your minis online after reading this you’re a dumbass.


But don’t worry you’ll come around.

I was originally going to do this as a balanced article on the pros and cons of buying your war dollies from online or brick and mortar stores but screw that.











This is an opinion piece and it comes from 20 years of buying and selling my miniatures to close friends and all the way to ordering Chinese knock offs and back again to the local store.

I joke with myself and say “I only rent my models” because I’m not precious about them and have bought and sold more games, factions and armies than I care to remember. Don’t get me wrong, I paint 90% of what I buy and I paint then damn well but once I move on I don’t want them cluttering up my shelf when I can turn them into my latest obsession.

So let me tell you about my experience with various methods of buying and selling my plastic crack:



Most of these stores offer discounts that can range from 20% to as much as 50% for specials.

Substantial savings for sure but this is counter balanced by shipping costs.

Purchasing one item will quickly reduce your savings to 10% or less meaning if you want to save money, you have to buy more. That’s the model these “stores” work on. Reduced profit means increased sales need to happen to maintain solubility.

So if you want to see those big savings you are frequently buying more items than you originally intended to.

Is that good?

Yes and no.

First off most people would say “I got an awesome deal!” But in a lot of cases you bought things you didn’t really want or worse, need.


Yes it can work out well if you are looking to buy a whole army or faction out of the gate but most of us don’t do that.

Almost all of us have a closet full of unpainted or unassembled models. That’s normal but online deals feed this and create ridiculous situations where you have more junk than you could ever possibly assemble let alone paint.

This is Tim Banky’s unassembled models… just waiting for love.

Trust me, I have a friend I paint for and he frequently buys stuff because it was “too good a deal to pass up” and it ends up in my cupboard, which has grown swollen with stupid models I know he’ll never use.

Another thing I hate about online discount shopping is that some of the stores remove the models from the packaging and stick the sprues in an envelope. Whether it’s to save on shipping or to get around resale laws, doesn’t matter, I get product I cant return if I decide in a month that the “6 storm raven army” was a stupid idea.

Finally the worst thing about online shopping is WAITING. I don’t know about you but when I want my latest obsession I don’t want to wait 2 or more weeks to get it. I WANT it NOW!!!!

So the good of online discount shopping is that you get a pile of cheap shit, the bad news is; you get a pile of cheap shit. Most of which you’ll sell down the road for even less than what you bought it for.


Buying used models can see you some fantastic savings. Sometimes as much as 65%+ but there are a number of issues you will have to deal with:


This is generally the best way to do it but there are a number of issues when you start dealing money with bro’s:

1. Money be thicker than Bro’s: seriously,  they’ll want too much or you’ll give too little. Or worse yet, they’ll be like “I’m good for it” and then you have to chase them and breaking legs and it gets ugly.

2. You play with your Bro’s: If there’s stanky deals going on and hurt feelings that can sour friendships and gaming communities.


I haven’t even seen this shitty movie but i imagine it’s “the hooker with a heart of gold” BS, ebay would just rob you of your wallet.

eBay; seems simple enough but frequently when stuff arrives it’s broken, in bad shape and on top of that you had to pay shipping. Dealing with eBay for returns/reimbursement isn’t too bad but if you’re like me and you hate complaining then it’s painful.

If you’re selling you have to watch your ads and get friends to bump up the bids if you feel like there isn’t enough interest. That and ebay and paypal get their cut, something in the order of 10%. The whole experience is demeaning and time consuming (especially when selling).

Oh, and a word to the wise; do not sell assembled, painted metal models on ebay. No matter how well you pack them they get broken and then buyers are chasing you and ebay is emailing you like some sort of third world creditor.

I used to do a lot of ebay, now I just feel like ebay is the high end hooker of used models. You get some action but there be no love at the end.



If ebay is a call girl, kijiji is a crack whore.

Kijiji is exchanging money for dusty models in a shoe box in some god forsaken coffee shop parking lot. Kijiji deals makes you feel dirty, like garage sale hooker dirty and its something you just can’t wash off!

If that wasn’t bad enough the models are frequently in horrible condition and if they are good you can be damn sure that the seller thinks it’s worth more than anyone is willing to pay for it.

That and I hate to haggle. Haggling belongs in some middle eastern bazaar not in the civilized world.



Okay, truth is I’ve only done two deals on bartertown but they were both so distasteful I ran as fast as I could.  Bartertown combines all the bad things about ebay and kijiji:

1. Haggling

2. Dealing online with people you don’t know

3. shitty models that some moron messed up

Just don’t do it, trust me it’s awful.

FLGS (Friendly local gaming store)


This brings me to where I almost exclusively buy my plastic crack; my local hobby store.


Easy, I don’t have to deal with loathsome people I don’t know online, wrap and package shit I’m selling and most of all; WAIT.

More importantly THIS is where I play my games with my friends and where I connect with my hobby community.

I used to game exclusively in my basement with friends but this became cumbersome with young children needing to sleep and a rapidly degenerating game system that led to discord.

MY hobby store is where everyone knows my name and I don’t have to be hassled by some jack-ass red shirt trying to plus sell me on the latest release. I get what I want and more importantly what I didn’t even know I needed: friendship and a sense of common interest and community.

I’m not into this hobby to get a deal online from people I don’t know and who don’t give a shit about me or my game. Sure my FLGS owner is my dealer and he wants me to buy my plastic crack but he wants me to keep coming back week after week to buy it. It’s in his best interest to be interested in me and my game and more importantly for me to spend within my limits.

Is he my friend? I like to think so, but more importantly he’s my facilitator, he gateways opportunities to be more connected to the community I love and that’s good enough for me. It’s certainly better than the schmuck online just trying to get volume sales.

Next time you click that order button online to save yourself 50$ ask yourself if it’s worth it, ask yourself if the joy and fun you have at your FLGS every week is worth 50 bucks, a 100$ or even 200$.

And if you answer “No” and you continue ordering online, then you’re a dumbass.